Danny Rawson is a Portland, Oregon based photographer.  The beauty and outdoor recreation of the Pacific Northwest first inspired his photography path. After an extended stay in the country of Ecuador, the desire to artistically capture the travel experience became a priority.  The smell of asada sizzling at a corner stand, a lone djembe beat down the alley, the zing of fresh-made pineapple juice in the morning, or the soft Caribbean sand between the toes motivate him to take out the camera, focus the lens, and frame the next shot.  Besides Ecuador, both Mexican coasts, the mountainous zone and lake region of Nicaragua, Ireland, Malta, and most recently the vibrant cultures of Cuba and Puerto Rico have been added to his never-to-be-complete list of travels.  A thirst for understanding the world through the lens sends him on to the next adventure.

Out of Havana

Out of Havana

       Photographer for hire specialties:



Photographer Assistant

Adventure travel guiding with photography instruction

Wedding Package (formal, candid, and requested photos)

Family portraiture

Photo restoration

Video production

                      Production Assistant (PA)

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